Commission Form

Price: Starts from EUR 700,-
Waiting time: 6-8 weeks

Price: Starts from EUR 1300,-
Waiting time: 8-12 weeks

Price: Starts from EUR 3200,-
Waiting time: 10-14 weeks

Price includes design, materials, work and VAT 24%. EU-VAT registered companies are eligible for VAT 0%.

By filling out this form you can order an unique tailor made outfit. For large production or group order please contact us via e-mail

Please note that we ship only inside EU.

We ship in all EU-countries.
How much is your budget for the outfit?
By when you would like to have the costume? If you don't have a due date, skip answer. An average waiting time for a costume is 10 weeks from accepting the commission.
We require all our customers to visit us for a personal fitting. Please note that we prioritize customers who can visit our studio in Tampere.
Tell us about the purpose of the outfit (e.g. circus act, style, special needs, etc.) or paste an URL- link to a video.
Describe your outfit idea as accurately as possible; think about the colours, form, materials, decorations, theme etc. You can use Pinterest-boards, videos or pictures by pasting an URL-link to the answer fields below. You can also send us pictures via email to: In case you don't yet have an idea for your costume, we are glad to help you to figure it out after you have filled this form as best as you can.
Before the design process begins, we will present a price estimate for your production and charge half (50%) of the total price as a deposit. The invoice will be sent via e-mail. The deposit is non-refundable. Let us know if you would like to have some specific information on the invoice. EU VAT-registered companies are eligible for VAT 0%